The Classified Files: It’s A Shame

It’s a shame you and I aren’t as close as we used to be. Because if we were…

I could have been there for you when you got caught up in the wrong crowd.

I would have kept your feet glued to the right ground.

I could have smacked you for saying certain things out loud.

I would have lifted you up on days when you felt down.


It’s a shame you and I don’t get along the way we did before. Because if we did…

It wouldn’t be a challenge just to start a conversation.

There’d be no such thing as “awkward.”

Finding words to say to you wouldn’t feel like confrontation.

You’d talk. I’d listen. Your words would never go un-heard.


It’s a shame you don’t know me. Really know me. Because if you did…

You’d know I’m not a weakling when it comes to my friends.

You’d understand I fight for them until the last word’s said.

But what else can I do if you don’t make any effort?

Just because I’m the one who tries doesn’t mean that I’m the lesser.


It’s a shame we don’t really talk anymore. Because if we did…

I’d tell you I don’t judge you for the mistake that you made.

You’re already paying for it–that’s pretty clear to me.

I’d say that I’m here and I’m not going away.

But it’s like you’ve locked your heart shut and you don’t want to find the key.


It’s a shame you’re not like me. 

You seem to do fine with just staying in the shallow.

Whereas I can’t stand not diving into the deep.

You seem soft. But you’re hard. And on the inside, you’re hollow.

While I’m filled to the brim with words I can never seem to keep.


It’s a shame you’re so closed off. 

You’re scared of anything bright.

If you think there’s more thrill in the dark,

Try stepping into the light.


It’s a shame you’ll probably never see this.

I haven’t thought of what I’d say if you did.

But if you do and actually catch my drift–

If you knew this was for you then I guess…


It wouldn’t be such a shame. 

























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