Author Interview: Beatrice Delrow

Hey guys! I had the wonderful opportunity of being interviewed by my writer friend, Claerie (she’s got some pretty neat editing services, so go check out her site). Read it over here 😁

Happy weekend, loves!


Claerie's Tales

And we’re back with another author interview from my awesome friend Bey! Fun fact: she published her first book at the age of only 18!

 Intro: What is your name, what do you write, where can readers find you on social media, and where can readers find your book? And just for fun, if you could be any mythical being or creature, who or what would you be?

*waves excitedly* Hi there! I’m Beatrice (but most people call me Bey), I write YA, and you awesome peeps can find me on Twitter (@beatrice_delrow), Instagram (@beatricedelrow), Goodreads (Beatrice Delrow), and on my blog (! You can find Into the Shadows on any of the following sites:



(It’s also available on Kobo, the Apple Store, and !ndigo.)

If I could be any mythological being, I’d probably be an elf princess…

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