So, you’re not a baby anymore…you’re not a toddler (bye-bye sippy cup)…you’re not a bubbly tween…and you’re past the awkward teen stage (Oh, thank God). Congratulations! You’ve bloomed into a purposeful, wonderful, successful ADU–no, wait…you’re not quite an adult yet, are you? To be a full-fledged adult requires years of experience, training, and that one word we were all hit with as kids–responsibility

So! Why don’t you come along with me and let me help…guide you through these next few years of growing pains (even if you’ve already reached your maximum height)? The only catch is…I just turned eighteen. So, if I make a wrong turn…I’m going to write about it. Hopefully you read it in time to avoid making the same mistake yourself…if not, then…sorry…ish. But hey, in my defense–in our defense (if you’re a young adult like me), I think there’s more life-giving wisdom that springs out of us than people give us credit for containing.

Come adult with me!