Just Some Stuff You Should Know About Us Writers…

Hey everybody! How’s your Monday goin’? Great, I hope! What’d you guys think of the Walking Dead episode today? To fight or not to fight? That is not a question.  

Okay, enough of the yada yada. Today’s post is dedicated to my writer buddies…but in case you’re not a writer, you probably know someone who is–making this post a must-read for every living being on the planet!

I’m sure a lot of people think that the only thing worth knowing about writers is that they write. But I’m telling you that there’s so much more to us than you think. If you’re a writer too, then I’m sure you’ll relate with most (if not all) of these things. Now if you’re not a writer, chances are you know someone who is, so these are definitely things you should keep in mind the next time you ask them anything writing related.

So without further ado, here’s just some stuff you should know about us wonderful writers. 😉

1.) We’re tired. 

Mhmm…like a lot of the time. I don’t know why exactly–maybe we procrastinate our writing too often, so we end up having to stay up til midnight (which quite ironically is usually the time my writing motivation kicks in. I mean it’s like…didn’t my motivation get the memo that it’s supposed to be at work the minute I get up and not the minute before bed?!). So…yeah. We’re tired a lot.

images (33).jpg

Me to my motivation…

2.) We think it’s best you don’t look at our browser history. 

Here’s the thing. Writers don’t know everything, okay? But the books we write sort of make it a requirement for us to know things the ordinary person doesn’t. For example: we need to know where a person can be stabbed without being killed. We need to know last year’s car crash statistics. We need to know the various causes, symptoms, and treatments of PTSD. I’m making these up as I go, of course…except for that last one.😂😂😂 Lesson of the day: no, we’re not planning anyone’s death (at least not a real person’s).

3.) We forget to eat. 

download (51).jpg

Sorry to crush your dreams, Boromir, but…

I know I know I know…you think it’s impossible for anyone to forget to eat. But sometimes, writers get in “the zone.” The zone? Yeah, the zone. You know, it’s that really rare moment in time when all your thoughts and ideas just flow from your head to your screen unhindered, giving your word count the wings it needs to soar high in the Microsoft sky. For a writer, this moment is some sort of utopia…so you can imagine why we’d accidentally miss a meal.

4.) We eat a lot. 

Just because we skip a mean once in a while doesn’t mean we skip on our appetites! Look, sure, yeah we forget to eat. Which makes us really hungry!!! You’d be surprised how much food a writer can consume.

Oh, and did I mention, some of us even have a special skill. It’s called typing with one hand and feeding ourselves with the other. It’s really cool. I hear only the best of the best can do that. 😉

images (35).jpg

5.) We don’t mean it when we’re cranky.

Sometimes, the pressure gets to us. Sometimes the deadlines feel like literal walls that are closing in on us, and we freak out when the space we’re in gets smaller and smaller. Some days we feel like we’re not getting anything done. Other days, inspiration seems to be on vacation. So sometimes, we snap. I just thought all you relatives/friends of writers should know that we don’t mean it. Right, writers?

6.) We are our biggest obstacle. 

Us writers–we are our own biggest critics. Believe it or not, sometimes, we’re harder on ourselves than other people are on us. Because we want to be more. We want to be great. We like striving for excellence. But nobody’s perfect. And writers are some of the biggest perfectionists ever. Our hearts skip a beat when we see that someone’s used you’re instead of your. We freak out when we see the tiniest typos–even if they’re someone else’s (when in reality, a lot of people won’t even notice). It’s a challenge for us to accept that no one’s perfect. But we’re getting there. Heck, some of us are probably there already. 😉 We’re never going to be perfect. And that’s okay. Actually, it’s more than okay. It’s normal.

download (6).png

7.) We appreciate you. ❤

We wouldn’t be writers without you. Readers, you make us want to keep writing. The way your faces light up when you tell us what your favorite parts in our stories were and who you ship (even if it’s not who we ship) is almost…priceless. Friends, the fact that you take our writing seriously means so much. You never belittle the stories we make come to life and the worlds we create by putting words on paper. Oh, also, taking us out when we need a break…thanks for that. Family members, your constant support for us–even just your being there–your being present is something we treasure. Thanks for reminding us to eat, to give our eyes a break, and to get some rest already because sleep deprivation causes acne problems. You guys are the best.

download (52).jpg

❤ ❤ ❤

8.) We’d really (more than) love for you to read and review our books. 

Without readers, we’re not writers/authors. Without readers, we’re just scribblers scribbling things down in a diary only we’re allowed to read. But the work we’ve done is special in that even if it’s a work of fiction–whether it be YA, middle grade, fantasy, thriller, or whatever…it’s a piece of us we want to share with the world. So…yeah! Read, review, and share! 🙂

*whispers* Hey, you…yes you. Lookin’ for your next great read? Into the Shadows. Check it out! M’kay? M’kay. You the best 😉

There’s so much more to us writers than meets the eye. We’re like hidden reservoirs of water. In the desert. We’re like glaciers. People admire what’s seen above the water. But the gigantic piece of ice beneath the water–that‘s the bigger part. We’re like diamonds hidden in the icky dirt of the mountain–or volcano (wherever diamonds are found). I guess what I’m trying to say is…

download (53).jpg

Did you relate to any of the writer stuff I mentioned? Lemme know! (So I know I’m not alone 😂)

Have an awesome Monday, everybody! Don’t forget to eat. ❤


9 thoughts on “Just Some Stuff You Should Know About Us Writers…

  1. Shauna says:

    Sleep? What is sleep? Is that when everyone else disappears and you have all the lights on in the den with a bag of popcorn and finally write a few paragraphs and rue the fact that you are going to be really crabby tomorrow because you have to get up in three hours?

    Liked by 1 person

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