13 Reasons Why…I Took A Hiatus



Hey everyone! How was your Saturday? Hope you all got to sleep in…I didn’t get to, because my brother had a football match this morning (yup, I totally win Sister of the Year). But despite my busy morning, I haven’t forgotten my promise to put up a post explaining why I took a hiatus (such a nice word, don’t you think?).

So without further delay…

Yeah, I’m just going to go ahead and give a list of reasons as to why I took a short break.

1) #DelrowFam house move.

Yup! So we had a lot of planning and coordinating to do.

2) Packing. 

Need I say more?

3) Unpacking.

Getting all the things you own out of one house is a challenge. Life would be so much easier if we just lived out of boxes. But that’s not the way we do things, is it? Unpacking can take just as much energy as packing.

4) Work work work work work… (LOL you just sang that, didn’t you?)

College doesn’t start until September, so I’ve been working my butt off–doing what, I’ll list as my next two points (because the title of this post says 13 reasons why…not 5).

5) Football Fun! 

I’ve been handling the registration booth of my brother’s football club. And trust me, if you think all I do is take note of who showed up to training or not, you’re wrong…The club has multiple venues with different kids attending each one. A couple of the venues have almost 100 kids whose ages range from 3 to 16 years old…so the enrollment fees I have to accept, give out receipts for, and account for at the end of the day can be a little hectic at times. But I love it. I love the fact that I can handle super duper huge amounts of money (you kind of have to…because if you don’t and it doesn’t add up later on, then you’re in the dog house). Also I love the sense of responsibility and diligence it’s really instilling in me. Plus I’m earning, so I guess that means…



6) Day Care

The directors of my brother’s club also opened a day care, and I’ve been working there too! And guys, I gotta say…I have a new-found respect for people who work with kids 24/7. It’s a hard job. But it’s really really satisfying. One day these kids are going to be hard-working, respectful, and kind adults who contribute to society. And who knows? I might be one of the reasons why.

7) College Prep…

Even though college classes start in September, enrollment at the university I’m going to is months before. I had to take care of my transcripts (not all of which you can get in a day) and submit all of them to the office of registration in person.

8) Too much pressure.

I was feeling too much pressure. Not the good kind that makes you work hard. But the kind that makes you feel jittery and anxious. The kind that was keeping me up til 2am because I felt like if I missed a day on the blogging schedule I’d made for myself, then I was doing something wrong. And I was doing it on a regular basis.

9) Sleep

Too many late nights led to me waking up with headaches. Day after day and week after week. So I had to change it up. I had to stop giving myself something to procrastinate for awhile. So I could just go to sleep when it was time to sleep.

10) Me Time

Blogging is fun (most of the time–you guys make it really worthwhile 😉 ). It’s great because you write whatever it is you want to say, and people really respond to it. It’s a great opportunity to speak up, educate, share joy and happiness, and just leave a mark somewhere in the world. However, I had to remind myself that I couldn’t lose myself in the process. I couldn’t draw my essence from people’s responses. Essence isn’t drawn. Essence is. So I had to take some time off and just remember who I am. At the end of the day, I’m not a blogger. When it’s all said and done, the essence (the real juice) of who I am won’t be found in my being a blogger. Or a YA author. I’m Beatrice. The blessing. The bringer of joy. (That’s what my name means, by the way 🙂 )

11) Breaking the creature of habit

As a person, I tend to do things out of habit. Even if I know it’s something I can do without. And not only that, but I tend to (inwardly) freak out when I stop doing something I’m used to doing on a regular basis. Like writing down every single word from every single presentation my high school teachers gave. Even if I knew I didn’t need to do so, I kept at it (until I forced myself to stop). And in life, you gotta be flexible. You can’t just do things out of habit. Like saying I love you. Or putting up a blog post just because it’s Monday. I’ve come a long way in a few weeks. And I’m proud of myself for it.

12) Finding new inspiration

After the first two weeks or so of not posting anything, it got easier to not even think of possible blog posts. It’s kind of like working out (if only blogging burned calories 😦 ). When you stop going to the gym, it gets easier not to go each time. You gotta find fresh motivation to get your butt back on that stationary bike. So I was forced to look for my inspirations with fresh eyes. And I found ’em.

13) The heart grows fonder when away.

Sometimes stepping away from something makes you appreciate it even more. So I’m glad I took a hiatus. Because the last thing I want is for this little adulting nook I’ve made to be heartless and therefore loveless. I never want my words to mean nothing…just written for the sake of being read. Nope. UH-UH. Not here. Because here, we do heart-felt, fully-meant, and inspired.

This went pretty longer than I expected it to, so if you’re reading this right now, you get a special thank you for staying with me til the end. 😀


Til next time, folks! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 🙂




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