The Question on Every Blogger’s Mind

If there’s one thing I’m learning in life, it’s that things don’t always have to happen at the exact moment we plan for them to happen. It’s okay to be spontaneous. In fact, it’s good to be flexible! That being said, I planned for every last Friday of the month to be my YA Feature day…however, I think I’m going to save that for next week.

Today, I want to talk about blogging. I’ve been doing this seriously for two months now, and I’m so close to 100 followers (FYI, I’m cooking up a special post for when I reach that)!

download (45).jpg

*sings* The hills are ali-i-i-ive…with the sound of mee-yoo-zic!

I’ll be honest with you–sometimes, I really have to remind myself that I’m not doing this just to gain followers. I mean sure, it’s such a great feeling knowing that people from different parts of the world are responding to the inspiration, joy, life, and wisdom that I can’t keep locked up inside me…but at the end of the day, I don’t want to bribe people into clicking that Follow button. So it makes me happy to see that people are finding my blog on their own!

That being said (woah, I guess that’s my new favorite transition phrase 😂), blogging. No matter what your blogging schedule is, no matter how many followers you have, and no matter what your blog is about–us bloggers…we all have one thing in common.


We’ve all asked this question: Will I ever run out of things to blog about?

At the very beginning of my blogging venture, I had no problem coming up with ideas for what topics to cover in my M-W-F posts. I mean, it was idea after idea after idea! However, somewhere towards the end of my first month, I began to wonder if the flow of topic ideas would eventually come to an end. And what I could do if it did.

I looked at my site title, which you know is HOW TO START ‘ADULT-ING” (WITH BEATRICE DELROW). And I kicked the tires. I wondered if I’d ever run out of things to write about that could fall under my site’s overall theme. And the answer that was left after my mental kicking…was no. 

I’m–we’re (because you’re a writer too) never going to “run out” of things to write about! Because as long as there’s life, there’s something to talk about. Because there’s life in words. And because words are life.

I think that’s the beauty of being a writer. Any word–whether it’s said out loud, written down, sung, or expressed through a painting or a sculpture…fills emptiness with life.

So, if you’re a writer, and if you’ve ever wondered whether or not a day will come when you have nothing left to write about, you and I are sure of the answer now.

So with that, keep writing! Don’t hold back. Don’t squander what you have to say, in the hopes of “saving” some for the future. The life in words never let down. They come at the right time. And like some sort of magical river, they never “run dry”.


TGIF! Have a great weekend, everyone! Rest up. Relax. Don’t worry. Be happy! Because life’s too short to be anything but. 😉❤❤❤

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6 thoughts on “The Question on Every Blogger’s Mind

  1. Almost Iowa says:

    100 followers is great – but don’t get too worried about numbers. Followers come and go. They are active for a while and then go dormant. Don’t worry about any of that. When you write well…they will follow.

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  2. Gabe Burkhardt says:

    Big congratulations Beatrice! I, like you, am still trying to get my bearings in the blogosphere.

    And I agree with both you and Greg about the importance of building community rather than numbers. Our blogs won’t grow nearly as quickly as those who are striving to clear the 1000 follower hurdle as quickly as possible, but I suspect we’ll have a more engaged community, and I’m learning that THIS is what I really love about blogging. Creating a space for conversations and connections.

    Now… I just need to tap into your ability to write quickly, write well, and write right!

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