Your Drum. Your Rhythm.

I’m going to try something different today. Just like a good book has chapters with varied lengths, I’m going to start incorporating a few concise posts to my blog! 😉

Here goes:

Be quiet for a second and listen to the rhythm of your life. It’s unique. The way you talk…the way you walk…the way you love…the way you smile. Do you hear that sound? It’s beautiful. It’s in the way you react to certain things. It’s in the way you treat complete strangers. It’s in the way you make the people around you happy. Everything you do comes together to create one beat.

Rhythm. We all have it. Whether you think so or not…you have it. It’s just not the same rhythm as that of the person next to you.

There’s no need to try and imitate someone else’s…doing so would mess up your timing. Let the music be itself. Let it flow. Let it be. Let it speak.

Life is a drum. You are its drummer. Play the rhythm you want to hear.

images (30).jpg

via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic

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