Adulting 101: The Constipation of Our Motivation

Bet I got you with that killer title, huh? 😂😂😂

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Oh, look it’s Aslan! ❤

Well, it’s the first day of the week! *slow claps* Happy Monday, folks! I’m just gonna get right to it, ‘mkay?


Motivation. If you’re familiar with your hashtags, you know that there’s this thing called #MondayMotivation. However, we all know that Monday’s not the only day we need motivation.

Some days, we wake up, and motivation’s right there–just ready to fill us with the inspiration to do whatever it is we need to do (write, work, train, etc.). But other days (okay, most days), we wake up and we’re just like…

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I made this! *snickers* Obviously, someone’s discovered meme generator…

Now that I’m a YA, I’m more aware of how important it is to be motivated. Without motivation, too much of my precious time is wasted (I’m speaking from experience here…hello writer’s life). Without motivation, life feels smaller. And honestly, on days when I don’t find the motivation to do what I need to do (which is usually writing), I go to bed not as happy with myself as I know I could be.

So I know we all feel stuck in a motivation-less state at times–and that’s life. We can’t always act based solely on our feelings. We have to be kind, even if we feel like being nasty. We have to get up even if we feel like sleeping all day. Us writers…we have to write, even if our arch enemy named Writer’s Block is present.

But it sure helps when motivation is there to give us that extra push.

So how do you find your motivation? How do you get it flowing again?

Well…I don’t know.

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Only you can really answer that. Because it’s different for everyone. For parents, it’s probably just the thought of their family that gets them out of bed every singe morning. For athletes, maybe it’s that medal or title or trophy they’re after. For some people, it’s their dreams. For others, it’s their fears.

One thing I’m learning about life is that you can’t be afraid of the work. You can’t let what needs to be done scare you away. And when you stop thinking about whether or not it’s gonna work and just decide to do, you begin to find the motivation you need to get you through.

So, with that, Happy Monday! Have a great motivation-filled week, awesome people! 😉

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