My First Emmy Nomination

First of all, I’d like to thank my awesome co-stars, Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, Norman Reedus, and Andrew Lincoln. You guys are the best. Um…  *struggles to compose self* Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, and…Sofia Vergara…Kevin Spacey! Can’t forget you guys. Thank you for all your support. And the fans!

Okay, I’m done kidding around (LOL)…a girl can dream, right?

Guys! I got nominated by Melissa and Krista for the Liebster Award! Now, just in case you’re a famous blogger, you might be amused at all my excitement…but I can’t help it. One of the main reasons why I started this blog was to connect with people–because I love people! And I gotta say, I’m meeting some pretty great human beings. So…without further ado…I present to you…the Liebster Award!

liebster-awardWhat is the Liebster Award?

It’s an award that’s given to bloggers by other bloggers–it’s basically the internet’s version of the Emmys (I guess). It’s a great way for bloggers to discover new blogging friends and support others in the blogging community. The word Liebster is German for sweet, kind, nice, dear, beloved, lovely, pleasant, valued, and endearing, along with a few other really nice words, so…it’s truly an honor.


1.) Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog site. (If you accept the nomination, please notify me so I don’t miss your post! 😉 )

2.) Answer the questions from the nominee.

3.) Nominate other bloggers and write them several new questions.

4.) List the rules and display the Liebster Award logo on your post.

Okay, let’s get started! L.L. Cool J, mind giving us a drumroll?

My Answers to Melissa’s Questions: 

1.) Name one of your bucket list items and why: Hmmm…I want to go sky diving–which is funny because I hate falling…so I have no idea why that one’s on my bucket list.😂

2.) What made you start blogging? Two main reasons: 1) to help promote my book. 2) to connect with great people!

3.) How has blogging benefited you? All the great people I’m connecting with. Hands down. I mean, sure, the positive reinforcement I get when I read positive reviews, but what matters more to me is knowing I’ve connected with someone through the words I’ve written.

4.) Tell us about your best travel moment: Well, it’s a really close one between my family trip to Spain and my intercultural immersion program in Italy. Spain has a really special place in my heart–I love the Spanish language, so it was amazing to meet the people there… oh–and the La Liga Finals! FC Barelona vs Athlético Madrid. That was an amazing experience. And I made really close friends (who’ve become like family) in Italy. ❤

5.) Who inspires you the most and why? Definitely my parents. They’re the type of people who aren’t afraid to start from scratch. They work hard. And they love just as hard. And they say go for it–like chasing your dreams is the easiest thing in the world.

6.) Share your guilty pleasure: Rocky road ice cream with desiccated coconut!!!

7.) Which book would you recommend to read in 2017 and why? Oh, that’s easy! Into the Shadows! Why? Cuz I wrote it! 😉 I mean just think about it: teens, PTSD, spies, terrorists, and lies…what could go wrong, right?


Also available on Barnes & Noble and the Apple store 😉

8.) What is your favorite quote? I have a lot of favorites, but lately, this one stands out to me: download-36

My Answers to Krista’s Questions: 

1.) What is your biggest fear? Well…I’m afraid of falling. Literally. I hate sick feeling I get when I fall and time seems to slow down. That’s why in amusement parks, I prefer the rides that have nothing to do with being dropped. 😂 Some people like the thrill of it. I hate it.

2.) Describe a dream you once had: Hmm…when I was a little girl, I wanted to be those ladies who scanned the bar codes of your groceries and accepted your money and fiddled with the register to process your payment! 😂😂😂

3.) If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? I’d be a singer. Or an ambassador to Spain.

4.) Where is one place you would travel if $ were not an issue? *sings* Europe!!! ❤

5.) At the end of your life, what mark do you want to leave on the world? Oh, wow, that’s a great question, Krista! I want to leave a legacy of love and joy and hope. And the books I’d have written too! 😊

 I Nominate…

Dainty M



Liz C.

Sumyanna Writes

Art of Being Fabulous

My Questions to the Nominees…

1.) What’s your favorite TV show?

2.) What do you do after a stressful day?

3.) How do you motivate yourself on days when you don’t feel the motivation?

4.) What are the top three things you love about yourself?

5.) What do you think about Into the Shadows? 😉 

Again, a huge thank you to Melissa for giving my blog its second nomination! It’s very humbling and affirming at the same time. Really means a lot 🙂

Have a great weekend, everybody! Rest, relax, unwind, don’t think about work, and just be happy! See y’all on Monday. ❤

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12 thoughts on “My First Emmy Nomination

  1. Liz C. says:

    Congratulations on the award! And thanks for nominating me! It might take me a while before I can post about this though.. I did receive your email. I may have mentally noted to reply when I can and then forgot. Sorry about that. Lol. I’ll message you soon though, when I can get a copy of the book. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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