When One Feels Overwhelmed…

Unlike our care-free-hair-flying-in-the-breeze kid life, adult life is filled with so many things that just have to be done. And since this is one of the places I feel like it’s okay to be real and say what’s on my mind, I will.

There are times (like today) when I feel overwhelmed. In fact, more than overwhelmed. I feel like I’m drowning–in life’s seemingly forever-increasing to-do list (And to think I haven’t even started college yet!)


It’s like…

So today, though my experience with life is shorter than a lot of other people’s, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned so far about the occasionally overwhelming stress of life.

Here goes…

1.) Don’t deny it.

Isn’t it, in rehab, the first step to getting better is admitting you have a problem with whatever it is you have a problem with? (In case you’re wondering why I know that, no, I have never been to rehab. I just happen to watch a lot of crime/detective series. Shout out to Elementary, Sherlock–yes, I can like both–the Mentalist, Bones…y’all are awesome.) 

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. When you’re too proud to admit you feel in over your head, you go nowhere.

2.) Breathe.

Woah. Easy, honey. I said “Don’t deny it,” not…


Breathe. Listen to the sound of your heartbeat. You’re alive.

Feel the blood coursing through your veins (if you can). You exist.

Picture the stars. You’re so small. Yet at the same time, your life is worth so much. 

Only you are living the life you’re living–no one else. You’re special. You’re unique. You matter. 

So often, it’s in the quiet where we’re reminded of the value of our existence. Then all our problems seem unimportant and petty compared to the simple yet complex beauty of our beating hearts.

3.) Take it step by step.

You don’t have to take it all on at once. There’s nothing wrong with going slow. After all, slow progress is still progress. Whatever challenges you’re facing now, know they won’t be there forever–not if you don’t let them.


So I found this somewhere on the internet…you are the storm.


4.) Look ’em in the eye. 

This is something I have been through many times–so many that I’m officially sick of it. I feel afraid of something (like writing) and I side-step it–I avoid it instead of tackling it head-on (like I should).

Fear is just a bully who’s secretly intimidated by you. So look whatever it is you’re overwhelmed by and, like Nike likes to say…


Um, do I have to say that this is not an endorsement and that this photo doesn’t belong to me? If I do, then yeah, okay. This obviously isn’t mine. I don’t take credit for this, so please don’t sue me. 

5.) …Get by with a little help from my (your) friends.

Friends are one of life’s best gifts. I am thankful for all the people in my life who I feel safe enough to pour out my heart with. My best friend, Dana, is one of them. So are my parents.

Often times, all we really need is to be heard. Sometimes, getting something off our chests verbally is an instant remedy for the overwhelming feelings we often encounter. Personally, I’ve found that talking about things that stress me out helps kill the stress. And because I’m blessed to have people in my life who love me enough to carry my burdens with me (like I do with them), I always know that I’m not alone.

As I’ve said before, I started this blog to yeah, help promote my book, Into the Shadows (check it out because it’s awesome! And book two is underway 😉 ), but also because I want to create a place where people (especially YAs) are heard, encouraged, empowered, and valued. I hope you all find the safety, love, joy, laughter, acceptance, and hope that you need in this safe haven of mine. ❤

Happy Monday! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “When One Feels Overwhelmed…

    • delrowbeatrice says:

      ooh! Yeah, I love Bones! I have a lot of episodes to catch up on, so I have yet to binge-watch…and as for the Mentalist, my brother and I finished all the seasons in one summer! #serieslife

      Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

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