Adulting 101: Revive the Art of Dreaming

When we were kids, nothing seemed impossible. We could wish for anything as hard as we wanted to, and no one could stop us. No one could bring us down from our little castle in the clouds. I mean, just think about it. We put cushions on the floor, and jumped from one to another, as if our lives depended on it–which they did because “lava” is dangerous.


I remember pretending my bed was a boat that I was “commandeering.” I filled it with “provisions” I would need to get to my “destination.” I remember tiptoeing around the house with my walkie-talkie, careful not to alert the “bad guy” (my nanny).

I’m eighteen now, so my pretend games are obviously over…


*sniff* Gosh, I suck at goodbyes

…but there’s a part of me that’s still a dreamer.

Now, hold up. Today, the word dreamer has somewhat of a negative connotation–it’s most often associated with a sense of impracticality and whimsicality (wow, that’s a lot of alitys). But to me, the rather beautiful word, dreamer, simply means someone who dreams. 

It’s a common theme in life to lose hope as years of living are gained. And if you think about it, it makes sense. As we get older, we’re let down more. We have more of an understanding of the fact that things don’t always go our way. People aren’t perfect. No one’s 100% reliable. Our hearts get broken. The economy is crazy. At times, money seems to be the only thing that makes the world go round.

So what do we do? How do we cope? We work. We get by. We form a routine. We live by that routine. And we basically just go through the motions until retirement.

Now, I’m nowhere near retirement–I’m not even working yet. But I’ve always been the type to know exactly what I want. I want to be a successful author–even in college. I wanna travel more. I want to be an ambassador to Europe (um, yeah…I’m in love with that continent). ❤ And the mind-blowing fact is that these dreams don’t have to be pretend. They can become my reality.


Make. It. Happen.

But the thing is, life is full of distractions. It’s kind of like writing–though a lot of times, it feels like a chore, there are some days when the words just come pouring out, and there’s no stopping them. Only, writers can’t just write all day…I mean they can, but there are other things we need to take care of too (like eating, errands, and…stuff). So sometimes, even when you want to focus on something, you can’t give as much attention to it as you’d like to.

That’s why it kinda gets easy to forget the bigger picture. When I go off to college, I know it’ll be easy for me to see only the reading assignments and the essays and the exams and the grades. I won’t always have my dream of becoming an ambassador in front of me. But that’s where what I like to call the art of dreaming comes in.

Wouldn’t it be great if every morning, you woke up, and you just…knew exactly what you needed to do to start making your dream a reality? We’d be living every day actually moving closer to our goals. No time would be wasted. Instead, we’d be living to our full potential–not downplaying ourselves. Not sitting still because we’re afraid to move. What’s there to be afraid of? Why are we afraid of what we want? You know what? Fear’s just an insecure bully.

We dream for a reason. And that reason is to make our dream a living, breathing reality. I know it’s not Monday, but who says Mondays are the only days we need motivation? There’s this awesome quote I found:


I love this.

So here’s to the dreamers. To the ones who fight to keep their dreams real. To the ones who tune out the voice of doubt and give in to the potential they hear screaming on the inside. To the ones who dare to jump and dream, and in doing so, revive the art of dreaming. Dreamers are artists. Life is our canvas. We paint with the realities we make.

download (38).jpg

Here’s to us! ❤

Have a fantastic weekend, awesome dreamers!


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