An Open Letter to A Man Named Christmas

Lately you’ve been on my mind

And I don’t quite know why.

Because on the night that you died,

I didn’t even cry.

They told me I was with you the day before you “left”

But it seems incomprehensible that it’s only now I’ve wept.

Because it’s like…

How is it I can miss someone I don’t remember meeting?

I can’t tell if my memories are real or if I’m just wishing–

Wishing I knew you then…

Wishing you knew me now…

My ears grasping for a chance

To listen to the sound…

Of your voice–they say you spoke well.

You had the young and the old men lookin’ up at you with ree-spect.

They say you loved God–you were a preacher.

You won souls for the Lord–for that, you’re remembered.

You were regal–like a king.

But you knew how to…wing it.

You were a man of honor and grace

(Even if your kids say you were strict.)

I really wish you were here.

But you’re not. And that’s okay.

And I don’t blame you for your mistakes.

I feel like you live on in the stories that they tell–

Stories I never stop asking for–just ask Mom and Aunt Jill.

And Mama, you’d be proud of her–she’s the strongest one I know.

I know you’re looking down on her, beaming with all your heart and soul.

It’s funny how I love you

Even if I don’t remember

The way that you loved me

With a heart so strong and tender.

So there, I said it. I said what’s been on my mind.

Sorry it took so long for me to comply

With my thoughts deep inside.

My grandpa passed away in his sleep when I was one. I was with him the day before he died. At least I had somewhat of a goodbye.

My grandpa was a great man.

His name was Noel.


That’s my grandpa, walking my mom down the aisle on her wedding day.

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to A Man Named Christmas

    • delrowbeatrice says:

      Oh, wow, kinda made me teary eyed now. Thanks so much, Gabe…really means a lot to me to hear that.
      Hahaha! Aw, I think you’re a great writer as well 😉 Your posts are very descriptive and your metaphors are awesome too! Keep ’em comin’ 🙂


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