Your Pick: Things I Never Thought Had Anything to Do with Writing

For those of you who don’t know me, Hi! My name is Beatrice Joy, and I’m a writer. *cough* I’m sorry, author. I’ve always wanted to get a book published, and now that I have, I feel like it’s one big check off my life’s (pretty long) to-do list. However, though it’s undeniable that I’ve come a long way in just a short time, I’m not going to hide the fact that I’m still learning. 

Writing is a journey. No matter what genre/platform/brand you associate yourself with, you discover more about yourself along the way. For example, in the past year, because of my writing, I’ve discovered just how bad a problem I have with procrastination. That and I can make readers feel emotion when I write. You see, dear writing reader, writing is like a mirror. Almost all the time, what we see on the page is what lies inside of us.

Now, you might be thinking…this blog is about adulting (or at least trying to adult–yes, it’s a verb now). What on earth are you doing writing about…writing?

Well, I’m a YA, and writing is part of my life…and chances are, it’s a part of yours too! 😉 Even if it’s not a novel or a blog post, you’re writing the chapters of your life! That being said, if you don’t consider yourself a writer, then I’m telling you that you are. You write with the words you speak. You write with the music you play. You write with the actions you do. And you write with the choices you make. 🙂

So! Here’s a list of things I never thought had anything to do with being a good writer:

1.) TIME MANAGEMENT *cries* *sobs uncontrollably*

Never did I ever think that writers had to be good at managing their time. I thought the images-7only skill a writer needed was a fluency with words. But no…apparently, we need to keep track of the time. Not to mention get our work done within a specific timeline. Yes, people…writing is work too. 

Especially once your #WIP (Work In Progress) gets accepted for publishing, there will be deadlines. And if you don’t manage your time properly (A.K.A. watch YouTube videos when you’re supposed to be typing, making a snack to silence that “sudden” craving for food, or spontaneously deciding to fix your bookshelf)…let’s just say it’s not going to be good. I may be young, but I’m speaking from experience, so trust me. Forget all those fancy words and great come-back lines that you come up with when you’re in the shower!

Time. Management. Is. Key. *cries again*


download-13So you’ve started writing. Great! Be prepared for the new and fresh inspiration you’re going to wake up with every single day. Right?

Wrong. Just. Plain. Wrong.

The truth about the writer’s life is this–we don’t always feel like writing. In fact, most of the time, we don’t feel like writing at all! We’d rather be watching Arrow or going shopping. We’d rather go for a run or read that book that’s been drowning under a constantly growing to-be-read pile–basically, just anything that’s not writing.

These are the times when our will power will need to be put to use (pun partially intended). On days when we don’t feel like it, the choice we make to write will have to be what saves us.


Patience? With whom?

Honestly, there will be a lot of times you’ll have to be patient with yourself. 


Look, nobody’s perfect. Some days, you’re going to do great–and you’ll be super proud of yourself. And other days…you’re not going to do as well as you wanted to. However, beating yourself up is just going to waste more precious time. I’m not saying slack off (because you’re not allowed to do that). I’m just saying be patient. You’re not going to become some perfect time managing million-dollar author overnight. But with work, dedication, and passion, you just might. 😉


I used to think that disciplinedownload-15 was only for kids who needed to be taught a life lesson. Now, I laugh at that thought.

Because now I understand how discipline is something YAs need to get a grasp of. We have to learn how to get our priorities straight and stick to them regardless of the distractions that seem to be so often dangled right in front of us.

And the way to discipline is this one principle everyone struggles with: you can’t always get what you want when you want it. Work has to go into a lot of things we want.

5.) Fearlessness


This is the part where I show you honesty. Straight from the heart. As a writer, I’ve come to recognize the main thing that tries to keep us stuck in a place we’re not supposed to be in…fear.

As a person, I’m very self-aware. So one day, I realized why I kept putting off my writing. I was afraid. Honestly, it’s something I’m still learning how to conquer now.

I’m afraid to start. Because I’m afraid that if I start, it’ll be wrong, or that it won’t be the best it can be…and therefore, the idea that I wait until I have the perfect beginning, takes root in my head, only giving fear more hold over my decision to not start. But that’s the thing about fear. Fear tries to make us afraid of what hasn’t even happened yet. It’s main goal is to get us not to try at all. It feeds on our refusal to move.

That’s why even now, as I type these words, I feel less afraid. Because I’m moving. I’m not listening to that voice that’s trying to say I’m not good enough. I’m not paying attention to my doubts. How can I?

I’m writing.

And there you have it, folks! Those are just 5 things that I never thought had a part in a writer’s life. I obviously do now, though! 😉

But before I go, I’d like to make a pledge in front of you, my reading witnesses. Today, I am going to start my second book. And I promise to keep you guys posted on my progress!

We’re not supposed to be afraid of blank pages. We’re supposed to get excited because we can fill it with words that come to life! So…happy writing, everyone! And also, even if I’m not Chinese, Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese friends!

Ooh! And before I forget…guess what? Into the Shadows is now available on Amazon! Check it out here. If you get a copy, please please please send me a picture of you with my book (whether it’s the paperback or the Kindle version) so I can share your beautiful (or handsome) faces with my social media friends! 🙂

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