Adulting 101: You’re Supposed to Be Happy!

via Daily Prompt: Exposure

Happy. Is it something you used to be? When you were younger and had little responsibility compared to the overwhelmingly heavy weight of adult duties you find yourself constantly preoccupied with nowadays?

Happy. Is it something you wish to be in the future? You know, like in twenty years when you’re burnt out after working your butt off to earn all the money you thought you needed to buy all the things you ever wanted?


Happy. Is it something you are now?

Are. You. Happy.


If you are, AWESOME! *Fist bump*

If you aren’t, then I’m here to remind you that you’re SUPPOSED to be!

Who says being an adult means not having that spark in your eyes when you see a puppy? Who says that being exposed to the “real” world has to kill your joy, taking your beauty sleep with it? *cough* Who says being in college means you can’t watch your favorite series and go all fangirl/fanboy over your favorite characters?

We’re not meant to drag ourselves through life, breaking our backs until we die. That’s just sad. We’re not meant to be burnt out, too tired to chase after our dreams. That’s just wrong. There’s something about happiness that ties in with all of these things, because when you’re happy, you’re driven. You’re strong. You’re unstoppable.

So! Here are a few things that help bring your happiness levels up:

1.) Find what you love. 

Even if your best friend’s not into it, stick to your thing, if it’s what makes you happy. Trust me, you’ll feel worse if you do something just because someone else is doing it.

2.) Do what you love. 

3.) Get enough sleep at night.

How many hours of sleep you get (or don’t get) at night affects your mood the next day. (That reminds me…I should get some sleep soon. Don’t want to be snapping at any of my soon-to-be-professors at the college orientation tomorrow 😂)

4.)  Be thankful. 

A thankful heart is a happy heart. You have it so good compared to the YAliving in war zones. They have to fight to live. Any day could be their last. While you and I…can’t decide which drink we’re going to order at the coffee shop.

5.) Have a dream.

6.) Chase it.

I always wanted to write a book. And now that I’ve gotten one published, I look back at when I was younger, and I chuckle a little bit inside, thinking, “Why didn’t I go after it sooner?” (Oooh! I forgot to mention–my book, Into the Shadows is now available on Amazon…check it out! Paperback or Kindle version–take your pick! 😉

7.) Exercise.

Running, swimming, dancing, or even just walking up and down the stairs for fifteen minutes–being active releases endorphins (also called “happy hormones”). *dances*

8.) Get your attention off of yourself.

When we’re focused on ourselves too much, we begin to think that the universe revolves around us and only us, making our problems seem bigger than they actually are.

9.) Volunteer.

For what? As tribute? No, silly… (someone must be a real Hunger Games fan, huh? 😉) Your local soup kitchen, the closest animal shelter, an orphanage–anything that has nothing to do with you. Research has been done, and the findings were that volunteering does, in fact, make one happier.

10.) Be around happy people.

11.) Don’t base your happiness on material things.

The material eventually fades away, and so will your joy, if that’s what it’s found in.

12.) Follow my blog.

If I made you laugh, then it means you should follow my blog. See? Made you laugh again with that faulty reasoning! 😂 Also, I used to put my little brother to sleep by humming the national anthem.

13.) Eat right. 

14.) Don’t sit around waiting for happiness to magically fall on you.

15.) Choose to be happy. 

Happiness is a choice. Regardless of whatever’s happening around us, we can choose to be happy. We’re never just a product of our circumstances. We are whatever we choose to be.

I’ve said a lot (Even if I was only planning to write a short post). That probably means that happiness is a big deal to me. And it is. I want to be happy. I want the people around me to be happy. I want you, dear reader, to be happy. So raise your glass (of water…or whatever’s in your glass) to the Happy Life Project we will all start to work on. Starting now.

I believe that everyone is born for specific purposes. Being happy is one of them.





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